Wimps and Y Anchors

Eastwater Cavern

As an introduction to boulder ruckles and typically Mendip steeply inclinded passages, Eastwater Cavern is hard to beat.

Below a descent through large and somewhat unstable boulders the cave plunges down very steeply to several vertical pitches, of which Primrose Pot, is one of the deepest on Mendip at 57m. The descent is rather sporty and rather strenuous and an awe-inspiring gloom adds an oppressive element to the journey. The cave offers a number of round trips, of varying degrees of difficulty, however the West End Series should be attempted only by very experienced cavers as there are extremely tight squeezes to negotiate and a danger of flooding below the Gladman Shaft.

Location: The entrance is located just over 300m south-east of Eastwater Farm.

From the first field gate on the eastern side of Eastwater Lane, walk across the field and down into a small valley running south to a cliff face, at which the entrance is to the right.

Map Information

Location United Kingdom
Grid ref NGR ST55/5388.5062
Postcode district BA5 3xx (map centre)
X 352600m
Y 151300m
Lat N 51 15.175 (51.252917)
Lon W 2 39.752 (-2.662533)

Cave Surveys

 Eastwater Upper Series  Eastwater Lower Series

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