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Swildons Hole

Swildon’s is the longest, most popular and usually the most crowded cave on Mendip.

The entrance is located 550m north-east of Manor Farm on Priddy Green. From the green, follow the road northwards past a large detached house (”Solomon Combe”) and turn right through the first field gate. Walk to the fourth field , using the stiles provideds, to an obvious clump of trees surrounding the stream sink and entrance block house. Swildon's_Hole

You’ll also find Hunters Lodge Inn (51.248 lat -2.648 lon) on the map above. This is a popular place to meet up before or after for a good feed and a beer. The Miners Ale is really recommended.

Map Information

Location United Kingdom
Grid ref NGR ST55/5312.5131
Postcode district BA5 3xx (map centre)
X 352600m
Y 151300m
Lat 51.2586
Lon -2.6813
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